I Only Have One Nose to Give

I Only Have One Nose to Give

Oftentimes people take for granted the power of a well-designed, professionally installed sign. A sign like the one in the photo is usually installed AFTER someone did not open the door slowly...yikes!  I only have one nose to give....Everywhere we look we see signs of all types, shapes, and sizes. Some signs are illuminated, some are on vehicles, some are flying high on poles, and some are directing us to the drive-thru. For as many signs as we see outdoors, the majority of the signs in our world are indoors! They direct us, guide us, warn us, and remind us. Although every sign is different, all signs have one thing in common: they're trying to Capture our Undivided Attention!

We know firsthand that you live in competitive times and getting marketing share isn’t just desired, it's critical to your survival…..customer retention is paramount and maximizing your marketing dollars to acquire new customers is essential . We know that you need to make every one of your precious marketing dollars "deliver the goods". Make certain you don’t miss the opportunity to capture the undivided attention of your customers and prospects. You don’t always get a second chance.

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July 20, 2017


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