How to Create HIGH IMPACT Signage in a FAST MOVING Environment!

How to Create HIGH IMPACT Signage in a FAST MOVING Environment!

In our society, people want things FAST! Everything we do is instant. Things such as checking emails, replying to text messages, getting the news, and checking scores, are all things we can do with the click of a button. Because our communities have shifted to this immediate need for information, the marketing of your business needs to have a HIGH IMPACT to grab the attention of our fast moving consumers. So how can you design and create impactful signage?

There are 6 main factors to keep in mind when creating HIGH IMPACT signage:

1. Consistent Branding: Use the same color scheme, logo placement, and look & feel throughout your buildings/vehicles. This is how you begin to build brand awareness at a quick glance. You don’t need to be fancy, just consistent.

2. Visual Hierarchy: Visual Hierarchy is the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance. For Example, if you are the owner of “Bill Smith & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning”, you have to be careful how you arrange your signage. Although it is important that your name is Bill Smith, and that your sons work with you, that is not what should be front and center on your signage. When people drive by your location, or pass by your trucks on the road, they should know at a quick glance that you offer heating and air conditioning services. Make sure the most important information, is what your customers see! You only have a few seconds!

3. Colors: Choosing a color theme effectively is one of the many keys to the success of a design. If you don’t know what those combinations are, give us a call and our graphics designers can help!

4. Fonts: The effectiveness of a message is strongly influenced by the choice of typeface. Take this scenario for example. There are hundreds of cars lined up ranging from a 1985 Volkswagen Rabbit, to a 2016 Lamborghini. Would you pick the Volkswagen knowing there are hundreds of cars that are newer, better designed, and better performing? NO! The same goes with fonts. Just because there is a font that has been around forever, and you are familiar with, doesn’t mean it is the best option for your signage. Every situation has a font that works best, just make sure you are using the Lamborghini, not the Rabbit!

5. Photos: Using quality images can enhance any design and create an emotional response from the viewer. Make sure your photos are high resolution, and good quality. It makes all the difference!

6. Scale: Give your designs the “Squint Test” to test readability from a distance. Chances are someone will not take the time to stop their car, get out, and walk up to your sign to read it. Make sure it is visible from afar!

WANT MORE INFORMATION?!? Send us an email for the complete presentation. Photos and examples included!

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November 16, 2018

Mike Miller

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