GET NOTICED at Your Retail Storefront!

GET NOTICED at Your Retail Storefront!

GET NOTICED at Your Retail Storefront!

Having a retail storefront means that you are trying to get noticed. As a signage provider, we have the pleasure of helping our customers attract new and existing customers to their space, along with boosting their brand awareness. Over the years of supplying signage for retailers, we have found that there are three key components to every successful storefront signage package.

  • BE CLEAR! What do we mean by this? Simple! When someone is passing by your storefront, they only allocate a few seconds to reading your signage. If you sell shoes, make sure they can deduce that in only a few seconds. Although your official company name may be, “Smith & Sons Northeast Suburban Fine Footwear Co.”, chances are you lost your reader’s attention after “Smith & Sons”. You will attract more customers if your storefront reads, “Shoes”, or “Fine Footwear”. Be Clear!
  • BE BRIGHT! Everyone wants their storefront to stand out from the rest, and BEING BRIGHT is the key! Not only should you choose a color schemes that POPS, but set aside enough funds to ILLUMINATE your exterior sign. We can most certainly fabricate a sharp exterior sign that doesn’t light up, but nothing can advertise full-time like an Illuminated wall sign! Be Bright!
  • BE SMART! One of the greatest things about a retail storefront is the multiple surfaces you can advertise on. Not only should you advertise on your exterior wall, but take advantage of the space on your front doors and storefront windows! These are SMART ways to compliment your wall sign, and include additional information your customer needs to see. It is not uncommon to see window graphics that include information on specific products and promotions, hours and operations, and much more! Be Smart!

Looking to GET NOTICED at your retail storefront? Call your friends at Divine Signs & Graphics! We can help to make your storefront CLEAR, BRIGHT, and SMART!

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October 14, 2016


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