6 Different Types of Signage Ideas for Your Next Event

6 Different Types of Signage Ideas for Your Next Event

Event signage may seem like the most basic of all event details, but get it wrong, and your entire attendee experience is at risk. Without clear and concise signage directing your attendees and helping them find what they’re looking for, any event will quickly descend into chaos.

Signs don’t need to be utilitarian, though. Because of their highly visual nature, signs provide plenty of opportunities to promote your brand, and when appropriate, your sponsors. An important aspect of an event is to satisfy sponsors sufficiently enough so they will provide further support in the future. Signage is a great way to show appreciation and recognize your sponsors during an event by having their logo visible. So how can you wow your guests with event signage that’s not just super clear, but also memorable?

Once you’ve established where you need event signage, think about how you can use those signs to make the most impact. Each sign is a touch point with your attendees, and each time they come into contact with your brand is a chance to impress.

For inspiration, here are some creative event signage ideas that will captivate your attendees and create a memorable experience:

Step and Repeat Wall

A step and repeat wall is a backdrop with repeating logos, often seen along the red carpet of movie premieres and lavish galas. These backdrops are often the first thing everyone sees when they arrive to an event. Whether it is your own logo or those of your sponsors, the design of a step and repeat wall is sure to be eye-catching and engaging. Another great reason to use a step and repeat wall for your event is that it is long lasting considering that pictures taken in front of it are often shared to social media platforms, reaching an even larger audience.

Social Media Photo Zone

Different than step and repeats, this is less formal and a more “social media friendly” option. The advantage of this signage is it creates excellent sponsorship possibilities and attendee engagement. Ensure your photo zone area has your event related hashtag and handles prominently displayed so you’re able to scroll through all the fun selfies at the end of the day.

With our clever creativity, we can take your events theme to the next level. If there is a photobooth or backdrop or you want to encourage your attendees to add their experience to social media, custom printed and cut props will be sure to entertain and add to the event experience.

Tradeshow Displays

We offer a wide variety of custom tradeshow display options. Tradeshow displays will be sure to make your brand stand out in a crowded room and draw in attendees. These displays are often the first impression people get of your company so it is important to utilize your space well and provide important details that will draw them in and get a conversation going.

Promotional Products

The first and foremost benefit of gifting is retention of interest. With promotional products you give out useful and durable items. Recipients generally use them for a long time. The imprinted logo or brand name on the promotional products constantly reminds them of how they got the product in the first place. As a result, the retention of your company brand or product in your mind becomes stronger. A key benefit of promotional products is that if you joining or organizing a trade show, offering promotional products is one way of encouraging people to visit your booth.

Wraps and Graphics

Wraps and graphics can be applied almost anywhere, creating higher visibility for your logo and allowing you to spice up the blandest places.

Here are wrap and graphic options that would be great for any event:

  • Wall wraps and graphics- One unique way to display your brand is by using wall wraps and graphics to transform your space into a dynamic messaging board that will be sure to catch attention.
  • Stair Graphics- A message or image seen from the bottom of stairs or an escalator, a stair wrap is a pretty surprising way to brand an unexpected spot at your event and direct attendees to where they need to go.
  • Floor graphics- Another area of unused space? The floor. Add signage down there to help with event flow, or add signage decals with some decorative flair. It can also be used as another sponsorship or branding opportunity.
  • Elevator wraps- Elevator wraps can provide direction to attendees as well as turn unused space into an advertising tool. These wraps are easy to update and change the styles and colors to tailor towards the theme of a specific event.
  • Barrier wraps and graphics- The barriers used to create a smooth flow of attendees into your check-in point is a prominent place to put directional messaging, as well as sponsor and branding information.
  • Furniture- Tabletops offer unusual but highly visible spaces to display your event signage and brand. Consider a tabletop wrap or a custom printed table runner displaying your brand.


Traditional, but a versatile option. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, banners can be re-purposed for future events. They can work as a welcome sign or an easy-to-spot registration area.

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February 12, 2020

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