Does Divine Signs do Promotional Products?

Does Divine Signs do Promotional Products?

Does Divine Signs do Promotional Products? As a matter of fact, we do! Thanks so much for asking!

Oftentimes the importance of promotional products are overlooked by business owners and marketing departments, and we understand why that can happen! In the midst of getting ready for a tradeshow, special event, banquet, or golf outing, promo products can get lost in the shuffle; but we urge you to make them a priority! Here’s why…

We all know that there is a pen, USB Drive, micro-fiber cloth, or Golf Ball, that we use daily with another company’s logo on it. We most likely picked them up at a presentation, trade show, or special event, and it came in handy when we needed it. Whether you know it or not, that company is ingraining their logo and information in to your head every time you use that item. We have fielded calls and received online inquiries based on the information someone got from one of our pens!! Why can’t that item someone else is using have YOUR LOGO on it?

The best part about promotional products, is that the options are essentially endless! Along with your standard promo products like pens, coffee cups, and USB drives, we can also provide ANY unique or out-of-the-box item you might be looking for.

So the next time someone is using an item at work or home with a logo on it, MAKE SURE IT’S YOUR LOGO! Curious as to what your options are? Click HERE to visit our promotional products gallery, or click the promotional products link on the top of our homepage!

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June 13, 2017


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