Customers Become Partners

Customers Become Partners

It's not uncommon in the sign business to utilize various suppliers, sub-contractors, and vendors to complete a job. If you are a sign company focusing on the NEEDS of your customers (vs selling only what you can make yourself) inevitably you will have to go outside your shop to complete the job. (Electricians, Masons, Concrete Work, Fabrication, Digital Displays, etc.). Our preferred method is to work together with companies we meet "along the way." We get hired to provide signage for a new company or company on the move.....we get to know them...they get to know us....and before you know it....we are partnering on projects. Concept Industries just assisted us with some stainless steel fabrication, polishing, and welding....they do great work...AND they are a customer! Guess who did their sign?

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July 20, 2017


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