Custom Signage!

Custom Signage!

Custom Signage!

If you have read previous blogs, or are familiar with Divine Signs, you know that we make “custom signs”. Just what does a “custom” sign entail? When we use the phrase “custom sign”, we are referring to a sign that needs to be designed, fabricated, and installed from scratch. Certain types of signs have specific and uniform sizes that is consistent every time the sign is made. Although we are more than happy to produce these types of signs, we love to make signs to YOUR exact specifications…even if they are outside the box.

The sign photographed above is a Free-Standing Reception Sign we created for Granite City Brewery in Schaumburg, IL. Our customer had seen a sign at another restaurant, and asked us if we could make them their own version of that sign. We were more than happy to help!

This specific sign was fabricated using custom cut and painted aluminum, with formed copper accents. The content of this sign was produced using high performance graphics, and the Granite City logo on the bottom of the sign was raised off the surface, and backlit with LED lighting. The raised portion of this logo was also designed to be translucent, so light could pass through it from behind; giving this sign its extra “pop”.

As you can see, there is nothing “cookie cutter” about this sign. Need something done that has never been done? Call Divine!

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February 10, 2016


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