Custom Routed Signs OVERNIGHT!

Custom Routed Signs OVERNIGHT!

Have you ever wondered how your signs got their custom shape? How did we cut your sign to make a perfect circle? Or how did we take a raw piece of material and cut it to perfectly match the text and design of your logo? Although you may have thought that custom shapes are a given at every sign shop, that is simply not the case! Many sign shops do not have the machinery in house to cut custom shaped signs. Oftentimes products such as 3-dimensional letters, or any sign with a custom shape, has to be sent to a third-party fabricator in order to get that perfect cut. Although some shops can get by cutting certain shapes by hand, the perfect cut takes special machinery and software.

Custom Equipment for Custom Signs

Over the last year, Divine Signs has brought in a CNC Multi-Tool Hybrid Router. This router allows us to cut and engrave custom shapes, 3-dimensional letters and logos, and almost any sign with a custom shape. This router can cut and engrave all types of wood, plastics, and metals at any thickness!

This machine can also be converted to a Knife Cutting System that allows us to cut custom shapes out of materials that a router bit would destroy. Softer sign substrates such as coroplast, vinyl’s, foamboard, and styrene can all be cleanly cut by this machine.

Are you tired of the standard shapes and sizes of your signs? Are you looking for a company who can handle your next project in-house, and can accommodate the tight turn times that the corporate world demands?

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June 1, 2017


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