BUDGET BEATER: Refreshed vs. New

At times we are asked to "refresh" an existing sign vs. fabricating and installing a new sign. Although a brand new sign is always on the wish list of our customers, it is not always the most feasible option. In many cases, our customers will have a sign that “works” properly, but does not look the way they would like it to. Option 1 is to tear down the existing sign, and start from scratch. Although Option 1 may work for some companies, not every company has that option. Option 2 is what we did with the sign photographed above…

For Option 2, we transformed the existing sign, for the new owners, from a sign that had out of date tenant information, an old paint color, and the wear and tear associated with tenant changes and age. We decided to take some of these not so appealing features, and spruce them up a bit. This refreshed sign includes:

· A new scheme for tenant changes that will not leave behind scars and faded paint.
· Refreshed paint color that matches the renovated building.
· A new layout to accommodate all of the tenants with their logos.
· And it saved the customer thousands!

Give us a call, and we can help to take your “old dog”, and give it some new tricks.

January 25, 2016


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