Best Truckin' Barbecue

Best Truckin' Barbecue

The food truck craze has swept the nation in recent years. Although almost every category of food can be found on the road, there is one thing that all great Food Trucks have in common; an eye catching, attention grabbing, vehicle wrap.

Most sign and wrap companies have an online database with almost every standard vehicle template that can be used during the design phase, but a totally custom food truck means a totally custom design. This specific project was a testament to our extremely skilled graphic designers and install team, and their ability to take a concept, and make it happen. Best Truckin’ Barbecue worked directly with our team, and turned their ideas, into a rolling restaurant.

What it took to get this done:

1. An extremely detailed vehicle survey. Our crew spent hours measuring, photographing, and discussing the best ways to make the wrap possible.

2. A custom template of the truck that included all the custom nuances, in scale, so the proofing process could take place.

3. Our talented, 3M certified install crew that flawlessly installed the graphics.

Whether you have a Toyota Camry, or a totally custom Food Truck, Divine Signs can meet your “wrap” needs. Keep an eye out for our work on the road, and make sure you stop by Best Truckin’ Barbecue if you see them in the NW Suburbs. They have a killer pulled pork sandwich.

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December 16, 2015


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