8 Benefits of Mobile Billboards

8 Benefits of Mobile Billboards

Mobile advertising is not just for semi-trucks and large corporations. With vehicle wraps, you can take your marketing to the next level. When considering traditional ad placement, you have to use your resources to reach a specific audience. However, with mobile advertising, your reach goes beyond a narrow demographic. If you have already invested in a company vehicle, consider adding your logo, discounts, or brand messaging to the outside for maximum advertising.

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Here are some benefits of mobile advertising:

1. Vehicles can go just about anywhere—and your message will, too.
Your brand will be seen anywhere you go. If you are on a busy highway, you will reach many drivers. If you are on a narrow country road, that tailgater will read your message for miles.

2. Upgrade your company vehicles and improve your credibility.
Do you provide a service or delivery to customer’s homes? Put them at ease when your driver pulls into their driveway by wrapping your vehicles with your logo. No more unfamiliar vehicles making consumers peek through the blinds, wondering who you are. Mobile advertising lets them know you and trust you before they even open the door.

3. Potential customers cannot skip your ad.
Let us be honest, ads and commercials can be annoying. We upgrade our amenities in life just to avoid them. But when your ad is on your vehicle, customers have no choice but to engage with your message. No more clicking out or swiping away. Message received, loud and clear.

4. Cost-effective advertising is attainable.
Vehicle wraps are a one-time cost that pays for itself. Depending on your service or product, one or two transactions after seeing your message could pay for the wrap entirely. Talk about return on investment!

5. Influence buying decisions.
According to a recent study by the American Truckers Association, 29 percent of potential customers base buying decisions on impressions gained from the vehicle graphics and wraps a business uses. Think about who you could be reaching!

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6. Look bigger than you are.

If you own a small business with one vehicle, the perception of your business is elevated when consumers see a wrapped vehicle. They do not know how big your company is, but a wrapped vehicle can suggest to them that you own a fleet, and thus lend credibility.

7. Save your paint. 

A wrap is a shield, protecting the paint on your vehicle from UV rays and minor scratches, essentially increasing the resale value of your vehicle.

8. Easy Removal/Repair.

Our team of professional installers can cleanly remove a wrap and eliminate all traces of the installation safely and effectively to ensure no damage to the surface.

Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to increase your brand recognition, build customer trust, and deliver your message everywhere you go. In a world where brands are competing for our attention in all areas, invest your resources into a format where they just cannot look away.


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February 16, 2021

Brooke Maloney

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