ADA Compliance: Signs

ADA Compliance: Signs

If you own or work at an office building, school, hospital, or church, you are most likely familiar with ADA Signage. ADA Signage are signs that must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures that those with special needs have the proper access to public places and facilities. Here are just a few of the of the ADA Signage requirements.

ADA Signs

  • These signs are typically fabricated with raised text and braille.
  • All text must fall between a specific size range.
  • Signs must be installed at the proper heights and locations.
  • The signage finish must be non-glare.
  • All signs are subject to inspection.

If you own or operate one of the facilities that needs ADA signage, you know that the prospect of getting these signs designed, produced, and installed can be a daunting task. We commonly field questions from customers who are worried about getting signs that incorporate their branding, are creative, but are still compliant.

Well, let us ease your mind! At Divine Signs, we fabricate ADA Signage at our facility, and can design, fabricate, and install ADA compliant signage without sacrificing creativity! Although ALL of our signs are ADA compliant, NONE of them lack creativity. We can create signs for you that are compliant AND creative! We also fabricate ADA signs at our facility, which allows us to give our customers fair pricing, and quick turn times.

Click HERE to view our Gallery of ADA Signage! (use this link )

Are you looking for a company who can provide ADA Signs at a fair price, with clever creativity, and competitive turn times? Call your friends at Divine!

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February 13, 2018

Mike Miller

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